What kind of password would make it difficult for a hacker to crack?

Answer A lot of people have suggested using a combination of random letters both capital and non capital along with numbers. These are good ideas but you need to have something memorable. If you use such ... Read More »

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My Password is changed by hacker, What do i have to do?

Yes I agree with prince contact support tell them that someone has hacked in to your account and change your password plausibly also your email Say this to them they will need prof to verify that y... Read More »

Do you think that a hacker would make a good consultant on computer security?

Actually, a family member WAS a Hacker and is now making major money STOPPING Hackers. His skills were an EGO thing and he wanted to be the best. Now he realizes the potential harm and points out... Read More »

How does the hacker get in to steal my password here I now understand part of the problem.?

hacker usually use something called a cheat engine you can download them off the web and they put in all the info the know about you and what it does is it breaks into all the data bases it can fin... Read More »

HELP a hacker changed my facebook password ail i try to change both of them but this says The link is invalid?

Contact facebook support they will help you change your password for you so you can get in and report the hacker aswell.UK helpline facebook: 0905 915 0100.If it's a US number I can't help you sorry.