What kind of paper does a pinhole camera take?

Answer Depending on the length of exposure of a subject, either film or fast photographic paper can be used for a pinhole camera. Use photographic paper for longer exposure times--up to approximately two ... Read More »

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What kind of paper do I have to get for a pinhole camera?

Any decent camera shop will have photographic paper.Your best bet is resin-coated (R.C.) and I'd go for grade two.Remember that it has to be handled either under a red safelight or in total darknes... Read More »

What will happen to the image of a pinhole camera if the size of the pinhole is increased?

Does the size of the hole in a pinhole camera matter?

On One Hand: Focal Length Can Determine SizeThe pinhole of a pinhole camera acts like the aperture on a traditional camera lens. The smaller it is, the sharper the image will be, and greater the d... Read More »

What year was a pinhole camera invented?

The pin hole camera was first used by John Herchal in 1839