What kind of paper does a pinhole camera take?

Answer Depending on the length of exposure of a subject, either film or fast photographic paper can be used for a pinhole camera. Use photographic paper for longer exposure times--up to approximately two ... Read More »

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What kind of paper do I have to get for a pinhole camera?

Any decent camera shop will have photographic paper.Your best bet is resin-coated (R.C.) and I'd go for grade two.Remember that it has to be handled either under a red safelight or in total darknes... Read More »

What will happen to the image of a pinhole camera if the size of the pinhole is increased?

How is a pinhole camera built?

A pinhole camera is an elementary camera with one tiny aperture. It can be as simple as a light-tight container with a small hole through one side. Light passes through the hole, or aperture, and i... Read More »

Why would a photographer use a pinhole camera?

probably to take a picture of something very bright, like the sun.In reality, the pinhole camera is not the ideal instrument for taking photographs of the sun. It is used instead to create certain ... Read More »