What kind of paint will stick to plastic?

Answer On One Hand: Choose a Paint Specifically Intended for PlasticBecause plastic is a smooth surface, it's important to choose a paint made specifically for use on plastic. Whether or not paint is desi... Read More »

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What Paint Will Stick on a Plastic Bucket?

Some surfaces, such as plastic, are inherently tricky to paint. A plain bucket can be transformed with paint for a planter or craft project--but you need to use paint that will stick to the plastic... Read More »

What kind of paint sticks to plastic?

Paint does not stick to plastic very easily. The plastic must be prepared in readiness for painting. There is a new paint, however, that makes painting plastic easier than before.PrimingPlastic sho... Read More »

What kind of paint works on plastic?

Acrylic latex, oil-based and epoxy paints will all work on plastic as long as the surface is conditioned to accept the paint. Plastic must be abraded with sandpaper and coated with primer before an... Read More »

What kind of paint can you permanently put on a plastic bowl so that it can withstand even the dishwasher?

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