What kind of paint should i use on a wood dresser?

Answer On One Hand: Water-Based PaintAccording to Family Times, you can use water-based paint to redo a wooden dresser. First sand the whole piece, and apply one to two coats of primer. The primer must be... Read More »

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What kind of paint should be used on wood furniture?

Some paint is made to give furniture a sleek or shiny look, other paint is made to give furniture a dull or matte look. The right paint adds major appeal to a plain piece of wood furniture or a res... Read More »

How to Paint a Wood Dresser?

Whether you just bought a vintage wood dresser or you want to update an existing one, paint is available that will fit your needs. Before painting a wood dresser, the surface must be prepared by sa... Read More »

Can you paint a fake wood dresser?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanFake-wood dressers are often made from plywood or pressed fiberboard covered in a wood-looking laminate. You can paint these dressers. If it is large and disassembles easil... Read More »

How do I paint a wood dresser white?

Clean and SandRemove all drawer knobs and any other hardware. Clean the surface of the dresser thoroughly. Some paint manufacturers recommend using TSP (trisodium phosphate). Others recommend sandi... Read More »