What kind of paint is used on most new vehicles?

Answer Since the 1970s, two-pack paint has been predominantly used on new passenger vehicles. It contains compounds called isocyanates, which are extremely dangerous to inhale. Separately, low-cost acryli... Read More »

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Where to Find the Paint Information on GM Vehicles?

Getting an exact match for your GM vehicle's exterior paint requires specific information from the manufacturer, according to Paint Scratch, an automotive touch-up provider. GM paint codes are usua... Read More »

What is the name of the paint color for all air force refueling vehicles?

It depends on the job and what the T.O. (technical order) calls for. Number of required personnel can be between 1 and 7.

Iam interested at vehicles(automobile) and what kind of good job can I enter in the field of automobilehelp?

I have a very young relative who is a skilled machinst. He makes the parts used in the cars to build them. THey make alot of money. there is also working at the manufacturing plants to build the c... Read More »

How to Find the Paint Color Code on Ford Vehicles?

Each auto manufacturer assigns a specific code to paint colors. This number may change from year to year, as minor differences in paint colors may occur. You'll need the paint color code if you wan... Read More »