What kind of paint do I use to paint paneling?

Answer Many older homes have wood paneling. Paneling can make a room look outdated, but paint is an inexpensive way to achieve an updated look.MaterialsTwo types of paints are required to paint paneling: ... Read More »

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What kind of paint should I use to paint a metal mobile home?

Before painting your mobile home, the home renovation experts from My Great Home recommend rubbing down the side of your home with paint thinner. Then you can use a water-based latex or oil-based ... Read More »

How do I get paint off my basement floor that is peeling and what kind of paint should I use to repaint it?

Up at home depot they sell/rent scrapers that are meant specifically for removing paint and other icky things off of cement floors. Sand blasting would work, but in an enclosed environment is not r... Read More »

What kind of paint is used to paint light bulbs?

Painting light bulbs requires a type of paint that withstands very high temperatures. Basic glass paint, designed to survive the high heat of an oven, offers the best results. Nonwater based, the p... Read More »

What kind of paint does the Navy use to paint its ships?

According to the company E Paint, the United States Navy uses its SN-1 anti-fouling paint on Navy ships. "E Paint SN-1 is formulated with the booster biocide SEA-NINEÆ 211, a material that rece... Read More »