What kind of pain killers can i take after i get a tooth pulled?

Answer honestly the question should be what kind od pain killers should i take ...because in reality you could take anything... my gfreind had some dental work done and the doc gave her vicodin this will... Read More »

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How long does the pain last after getting your wisdom tooth pulled?

a day. you wont even notice it with the nice pain killers they give you !i

Is it normal after having a wisdom tooth pulled for your tongue to be yellow and a salty flavor and gooey feeling in the hole where the tooth was?

AnswerYes, it is possible to have a salty flavor and a gooey feeling where the tooth was extracted, but my question is ... "Why are you putting your tongue there and annoying it!" Please don't.Rins... Read More »

What can you eat after one wisdom tooth is pulled?

Answer You'll probably feel better on a liquid diet (juices, milk, even milkshakes) for a day or two. They add soups and soft foods. You won't feel like eating Doritos or popcorn for about a week.

What pain killers are safe to take during pregnancy?

Many are not. Check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant.