What kind of package does bottled wine come in when ordered online?

Answer Probably a cardboard box with a styrofoam insert that holds the bottles in place. Or a formed cardboard insert that does the same thing. There's a good chance that the box is actually made for 3 bo... Read More »

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Please help!! I ordered a package what does this all mean?

It appears that your package was shipped from somewere near Shanghai, China on April 10 and is heading for a destination in the US. It will then disappear into a tracking "black hole" for a week or... Read More »

I ordered something from amazon thursday and i picked standard shipping when should i get my package?

Most likely tuesday. Depending where the package is being shipped from.

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How long does bottled wine stay good?

On One Hand: Red Wine BottlesAccording to, red wine can stay good for 10 to 15 years unopened. Many red wines even benefit from the aging process. You can contact the winery about your ... Read More »