What kind of original paint was used on the 1967 Camaro?

Answer According to the "Camaro Restoration Guide, 1967--1969," 1967 Chevy Camaro "paint technology was state-of-the-art for when they were built." The Camaro Research Group (CRG) estimates the most popul... Read More »

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What color of paint was used for the original typewriter?

The original typewriter, called the "Sholes & Glidden Type Writer," was made in 1874 by the gun and sewing machine maker E. Remington & Sons in Ilion, New York. It was basic black, but was covered ... Read More »

What kind of paint is used to paint light bulbs?

Painting light bulbs requires a type of paint that withstands very high temperatures. Basic glass paint, designed to survive the high heat of an oven, offers the best results. Nonwater based, the p... Read More »

Is it okay to paint the trim around the oven door on an electric stove and if so what kind of paint should be used?

Answer Ovens and the area around them get very warm and paint might have a hard time staying applied over a long period of time. Also it might be difficult to prevent brush strokes.On the other han... Read More »

What is the Difference Between a 1967 & a 1968 Camaro?

Chevrolet's addition of the 1967 Camaro to the pony car ranks -- to compete against the Ford Mustang -- created a heated rivalry between Chevy and Ford in the late 1960s. Chevy rushed production of... Read More »