What kind of oil is required for tecumseh engines?

Answer TecumsehPower recommends using a high-quality detergent oil or a synthetic oil in its engines. Check the operator's manual and the unit's identification decal for specific oil recommendations for y... Read More »

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Where are Tecumseh engines built?

Tecumseh engines were produced in Tecumseh, Michigan. The company also had manufacturing plants in Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Tecumseh sold the gas en... Read More »

Who owns Tecumseh engines?

Certified Parts Corporation (CPC), a Janesville, Wisconsin-based company, purchased most of the assets from TecumsehPower's engine business in February 2009. Many details of the arrangement have no... Read More »

How to Rebuild Tecumseh Engines?

Tecumseh engines are found on a large number of power tools. Lawnmowers, wood chippers and chainsaws are typical perches for Tecumseh engines and can run for years maintenance-free. Due to the ease... Read More »

Troubleshooting for Tecumseh Go Kart Engines?

Tecumseh go kart engines are built for durability and are available in a selection of horsepower ratings. Some of the engines are equipped with an electric starter as well as alternators to power l... Read More »