What kind of oil is in back of my parent's big screen!! HELLLP?

Answer… Dont look like no good news Dre .Guess they dont make it no mo I cant even guess what it is maybe some common stuff for all I know Like linseed or minera... Read More »

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On a Nikon D60 how do I turn on the LCD screen to switch back and form from using the viewfinder and the LCD screen to take photos?

You use the viewfinder while taking photos and the lcd screen to view the photos after you take them.

How do i fix a green screen on a vizio big screen. Accidentally plugged the wrong x box cords in the back ?

Mmmm. Sounds like a warranty repair is in your future on either the TV or the Xbox. Not clear from your message.

While on yahoo, I set my screen as full screen. How do I set it back so I CAN SEE THE ACTION BAr?

I think you either click "page" or "tools"

Can the birth parents ever take there child back from the new parents?