What kind of oil filter does a Mercedes c280 take?

Answer Oil filters to fit a Mercedes c280 are available from Bosch, K & N and Hastings. For each company, there is only one model for each particular model year, with no variance based on engine options.... Read More »

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What kind of motor oil does a Mercedes C280 take?

A motor oil with a grade of 0W-40 is recommended for a Mercedes C280. The C280 can also use a 5W-30 oil, but the owner's manual and mechanics generally recommend the synthetic 0W-40 for best perfor... Read More »

What kind of transmission fluid does the 1998 Mercedes C280 use?

You can use several types of transmission fluid in the Mercedes C280. The model comes with Dexron III, but because of the age of the vehicle, you should use a good synthetic like Mobil 1 or the Ger... Read More »

What kind of motor oil is used for a 1998 Mercedes C280?

A Mercedes-Benz C 280 four-door sedan uses 10W-40 synthetic motor oil as recommended by the German auto maker. The C 280's six-cylinder, 194-horsepower engine can hold up to 5 quarts of oil.Referen... Read More »

Does the Mercedes C280 Have a Timing Belt or Chain?

At some point every car owner whose engine has a timing belt will need to replace that belt -- either as part of regular maintenance or when it breaks and leaves them stranded. This begs the quest... Read More »