What kind of objects do magnets attract?

Answer Magnets can only attract other magnetic metals and some synthesized ceramic materials that exhibit magnetic properties, according to Argonne National Laboratory. Most magnetic objects are made of i... Read More »

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Do you find your name on personalized objects (Mugs, magnets, etc.)?

YES! But when I was a child at Disneyland, they would be all out of the Ashley keychains. :] That's what you get when your name is too popular.

Do magnets attract all metals?

Magnets do not attract all metals. Magnets attract to iron, nickel, cobalt and other metals that are mixed with any of these three metals, such as alloys that are mixed with iron. Magnets can attra... Read More »

Why Magnets Attract to Iron & Not Paper?

Not all materials are created magnetically equal. Some elements, such as iron, have strong net magnetic moments due to the presence of unpaired electrons. Other elements, such as those found in pap... Read More »

What kind of magnets are used in hard drives?

Hard drive magnets are frequently neodymium magnets. These magnets are made of a combination of boron, iron and the rare earth element neodymium and are extremely strong. Typically, the larger the ... Read More »