What kind of numbers did arabic numbers replace?

Answer The Roman numeral system of numbers spread as the Roman Empire grew. The Roman number system began around 3 B. C., but the older Arabic number system with decimals and a zero replaced it.Source:Hi... Read More »

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How to Convert Arabic Numbers?

When someone mentions the term "Arabic numerals," he or she is simply referring to the standard characters we use in any instance we don't spell a given number out in words. The alternative to usin... Read More »

Where do Arabic numbers originate from?

The Arabic numbers one through nine, and later the number zero, were brought to the Middle East's mathematicians from an earlier system of numbers, called the Brahmi numbers, devised in India. The ... Read More »

How to Type Numbers in Arabic?

If you added the Arabic alphabet to your word-processing system, you may be able to type words and sentences in Arabic but not numbers. Although enabling the Arabic language in the word processor i... Read More »

How to Learn Numbers in Arabic?

Arabic is a language spoken by millions of people worldwide, in countries spread across the Middle East and Asia. Because of the Internet and Islam's holy book, the Qur'an, people in many countries... Read More »