What kind of notebook should I get?

Answer If you want personalized, reliable and quick advice, you should check out ProCompare. They have a recommendation engine that ranks Laptops / Notebook Computers based on ratings and reviews from a... Read More »

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Out of Dell and Acer, what kind of notebook/netbook should I get?

acer is part of the old company most people hated and despised e machine. dell is ok company customer service warranty is great with some warranties you get next day parts and in house support next... Read More »

What kind of memory is typically used on a notebook or laptop?

Like desktop computers, laptops and notebooks typically have both RAM and ROM memory. The RAM memory stores running application data, while ROM memory holds the BIOS material, files and application... Read More »

What would be a good kind of mouse for a notebook comp?

A regular USB mouse would work fine. They range from cheap, to expensive depending on what kind of mouse you like. For example, I have a Razer Deathadder, which is a gaming mouse, which sounds more... Read More »

I want to buy notebook.please give opinion that i have to buy notebook or laptop which one is better?

A laptop is considerably better than a notebook, having increased performance and speed. A laptop can also handle a lot more than a notebook.