What would you name your children if.......... (Kind of a Baby Name Game)?

Answer 1. Colours:Girls:Azure Isobel.Cyan Katie. Boys:Grey Benjamin. Jett Matthew.2. Flowers:Girls:Lily Madeleline.Calla Grace.Boys:Basil Samson. Aster Liam.3. Actors:Girls:Sandra Annette. (After Sandra A... Read More »

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What kind of file has a name that ends with GIF?

The .GIF file extension indicates an image file, such as clip art, basic animation or Web navigation buttons. GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format file. This file type is commonly used for W... Read More »

What is the name of the kind of topography associated with sinkholes?

The type of topography associated with sinkholes is called "karst." Sinkholes form when groundwater eats away at soluble rocks such as limestone, leaving a carved-out area below the surface that ev... Read More »

What kind of animal is Arthur on the animated series of the same name?

The character Arthur from the books and television show of the same name is an aardvark. The hit PBS cartoon debuted in 1996. The storyline follows the 8-year-old and his friends and their adventur... Read More »

How can I find out what kind (the name/type) of cable comes with these headphones?

the 3.5 mm connector is the small one used to connect to most audio devices (iPod, Computer, etc.) The large one is 6.35mm which can connect to XLR or anything else.Both are technically called TRS... Read More »