What kind of music format are iTunes songs?

Answer iTunes can format songs into a variety of different formats. By default the songs are encoded in AAC, short for Advanced Audio Coding. It is much like MP3, but sound quality is better. On the other... Read More »

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How to Burn Songs in MP3 Format From iTunes to a CD?

In addition to allowing you to download and play songs in the MP3 file format, the iTunes music software will also allow you to burn these MP3 songs to a CD. You can then listen to that music CD on... Read More »

How do you "mix" your songs on itunes kind of like a DJ would do it?

Hi thereThat's a good question.First, I will assume that you have already imported the music in to your iTunes library.Next, create a PLAYLIST. You can create lists of songs, called "playlists." Yo... Read More »

How to Get Music Songs From an iPod to iTunes?

ITunes is the well-known application created by Apple that is used to sync a music library to the iPod. If the music in your iTunes is somehow deleted, or you purchase a new computer, the iPod will... Read More »

Can I put MP3 songs on the iPhone or do I have to buy music through iTunes?

import all your mp3s into iTunes. one by one, or open them all with iTunes!then sync them all or only small play lists to the iPhone.