What kind of motherboard is in a gateway gt5252?

Answer The motherboard in a Gateway GT5252 is the "Gateway GT5252 GT5235H Motherboard" and its model number is 4006147R. This motherboard supports the AMD Athlon series processors and can be purchased for... Read More »

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Do Gateway notebooks have to have a Gateway motherboard?

Gateway notebooks are not compatible with motherboards from other systems. Although desktop motherboards are interchangeable, each laptop uses a proprietary motherboard individual to that system mo... Read More »

What motherboard does the Gateway GP6-400 have?

The Gateway GP6-400 shipped with a Jabil BX motherboard (Gateway part 4000434). This is an older board, containing the Intel 440 BX chipset which supports Pentium II processors. It is unlikely that... Read More »

What motherboard can be used in a Gateway GM5088?

The Gateway GM5088 media center computer uses the FIC KTBC51G motherboard. It can accommodate a socket 939 CPU and up to 4GB of memory. It also has two standard PCI slots for expansion.References:G... Read More »

What motherboard is in a Gateway G6 400c?

The Gateway G6-400c, released in 1999, was built with a 400-MHz Celeron processor. Celeron processors are developed by the Intel company and are popular in PCs. At the time, Gateway G6-400c compute... Read More »