What kind of milk would a 'Holy Cow' make?

Answer they DO have Holy Cows, and the milk is used to make Cheeses of Nazereth....

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I want to make hot chocolate with milk would anything happen to the milk if i heated it up?

It would get warm ;) Hot chocolate is better when made with milk, go for it!

What kind make-up would you apply for a dark person?

Who is the person? Gent or Lady? What is the age? What is the Occasion? and why the makeup is to be wear-ed?If it is compulsion ,then keep the skin oily and shining with its natural clour(Clean we... Read More »

What kind of password would make it difficult for a hacker to crack?

A lot of people have suggested using a combination of random letters both capital and non capital along with numbers. These are good ideas but you need to have something memorable. If you use such ... Read More »

What kind of flowers would make a nice purple bouquet?

Lilacs have a wonderful scent and hang nicely..and purple columbine was gathered by pioneers for bouquets