What kind of method keeps cut flower fresh longer?

Answer Drop an aspirin in the water daily to prolong the freshness.

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How do I keep flowers fresh longer?

CutCollect your equipment--a bucket half-filled with slightly warm water and garden clippers--before heading out to your flower garden. In the early morning, clip the flower stems at an angle at le... Read More »

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer?

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How do you keep fresh roses alive longer?

Hi Della!Roses don't like super warm temperatures, so if you have a chance, take the roses to the coolest (not cold or freezing) place in your home every night and keep them away from straight sun ... Read More »

How to Make Fresh Bread Last Longer?

Make fresh bread last much longer, in the fridge or out, by keeping your hands out of the bag. Yeah, right. How does that work and how do you get the bread out? This article will show you how to ge... Read More »