What kind of method keeps cut flower fresh longer?

Answer Drop an aspirin in the water daily to prolong the freshness.

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What Keeps Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer?

When a garden flower is cut, it immediately loses its roots -- the plant's only source of water and nutrients. The quicker you provide a substitution, the longer fresh cut flowers will last. ... Read More »

What is the rate of absorbancy for a fresh-cut flower?

The rate of water absorption for fresh cut flowers varies according to how carefully the flowers are handled. Cutting the flower without damaging the stem, putting the flower directly into water an... Read More »

What product can keeping me feeling fresh up to 5 Times longer?

Source, mint and tea-tree shower gel, after using that it feels like you have a midget following you around blowing on your genitals :)

I am going to buy fresh flowers, what flower you need?