What kind of metal are cars made of?

Answer Most cars are currently made out of sheet metal (steel), aluminum, copper, iron and lead; however, newer hybrid cars are made out of bioplastic, a lighter and more durable product. The car body is ... Read More »

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What Kind of Metals Are Cars Made From?

More goes into the making of a car than meets the eye. A variety of different materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, leather and fabric are used in the finished product. In fact, not just one ty... Read More »

What kind of metal are jar lids made from?

According to Pick Your Own, the mason jar as we know it was invented in 1903 when Alexander H. Kerr produced the first commercial sealing jar. The lids where made out of tin and contained an attach... Read More »

What kind of metal are coins made of?

U.S. coins are made from a number of metals. The U.S. Mint makes pennies from copper-plated zinc. Quarters, nickels and dimes, despite being silver-colored, contain no silver at all but are copper-... Read More »

What kind of metal is a sewing needle made of?

Today, sewing needles are made two at a time out of coils of steel wire. The first needles were hand-crafted from animal bones by Europeans and Asians over 17,000 years ago.References:Patches from ... Read More »