What kind of memory cards are compatible with a Samsung SC-DC173 DVD Camcorder?

Answer You can use any SD or MMC cards for stills, but you don't need them to put videos on your PC - just finalise the DVD in the camcorder and put it in your PC.

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Are all SD memory cards compatible?

All SD cards are compatible with each other, but an adapter must be used for SD cards with a smaller than normal form factor, such as miniSD, in order for them to work in a regular SD slot.Referenc... Read More »

Are 8GB memory cards compatible with a PSP?

The Sony PSP hand-held gaming system is compatible with all sizes of the Memory Stick Pro Duo storage format. In order to utilize a Memory Stick with a capacity of 8 GB or more, the PSP must be upd... Read More »

Is a HP HX4700 pda compatible with SDHC memory cards?

The HP HX 4700 PDA is not compatible with SDHC memory cards. Instead of using SDHC memory cards, the HP HX4700 PDA uses SD memory cards, which have less capacity than SDHC memory cards.Source:Cnet:... Read More »

Which Secure Digital 8GB memory cards are compatible with a Nikon D80?