What kind of medicine will keep my grandfather from crapping in the bathtub?

Answer There's a very simple and side effect free to help with this. Peppermint oil. You can often find it in peppermint sweets (check the label) and it may be listed as natural flavouring or menthol.St... Read More »

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What Kind of S.T.D's will keep you from joining the air national guard?

I keep crapping in my pants What should I do?

Remember to pull them down when you're on the toilet.

What is best way to keep lettuce from wilting or browning I want it fresh. How long will it keep until?

If you cut it, you should dunk it in ice water immediately after cutting, shake/pat dry, then bag up in a ziploc or produce bag and place that in the crisper.I have a 10 day old head of red romaine... Read More »

Consider what the state of Ayurveda Medicine will be twenty years from now?

It will still hold its place for people leading natural environment. Cosmopolitan cities will benefit little due to pollution and life style.