What kind of medicine will keep my grandfather from crapping in the bathtub?

Answer There's a very simple and side effect free to help with this. Peppermint oil. You can often find it in peppermint sweets (check the label) and it may be listed as natural flavouring or menthol.St... Read More »

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What kind of medicine do internists practice?

A doctor of internal medicine is a trained and licensed physician who works mainly with adults, adolescents and the elderly, and focuses on diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. He does n... Read More »

What kind of medicine is available for dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes can make a person look perpetually tired and stressed out. Some people have success with the use of treatments, however, depending on the cause of the circles.AllergiesD... Read More »

What's the most kind-hearted way I can let my girlfriend know that homeopathic medicine is mostly bullsiht?

Make her a nice cup of echinacea tea and then give her the boot. Do you really want a wacko like that cutting cutting into your drinking time?

I keep crapping in my pants What should I do?

Remember to pull them down when you're on the toilet.