Vegetarians: Why is it okay for dogs to eat meat but not for humans?

Answer Part of the reason I became vegetarian was because humans can be vegetarian. It is safe for us to become vegetarian medically where as some animals can not survive off a meat free diet. Humans al... Read More »

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Is turkey meat, cheese, is it ok for cats or dogs eat it?

Turkey is meat, cheese is cheese, and cats or dogs are ok to eat.

How to Make a Homemade Meat Loaf for Dogs?

The origins of this recipe arose from a need to help keep a diabetic dog, Mable, healthy. Mable's owner, Molly of Molly's Herbals, developed this loaf, making it so good that if her dog refused it,... Read More »

Pros and Cons of a Raw Meat Diet for Dogs?

Canine raw diets, sometimes called the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet, consist of raw meat, bones, and sometimes vegetables and fruits. Supporters note that wild canines eat similar diets, and clai... Read More »

Where can i rub the best meat and what kind?

I'd say you should try the Tenderloin District in San Francisco.That's why they call it the tenderloin, 'cause of all the great meat. Really.