What kind of meals can I make with fruit & vegetables only?

Answer grill them on skewers!! i was on south beach diet and this was a common meal of mine. use-green bell peppers-tomatoes-onions (pearl ones work best b/c they are round)-mandarin oranges or navels-pin... Read More »

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If i eat only fruit and vegetables will i lose weight?

Yes it will help but it is bad for you. You should exercise. Start by doing alot of cardio which is for example running and doing alot of movement. You should eat normal don't go past your limit ea... Read More »

If i only eat fruit and vegetables the whole week will i loose some weight?

How to Make a Fruit Salad With Only 2 Fruits?

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How to Paint With Fruit and Vegetables?

Fed up of eating the same old veggies and fruit? Try something new! Instead of eating your veggies and fruit, try painting with them...