What kind of makeup should a 13 yr old girl wear?

Answer Minimal. I wore too much when I was 13. Stick with mascara and blush maybe concealer. Eye shadow is nice but is usual too much

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What kind of makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?

Hmmm. I really don't think it's that appropriate for girls to wear make-up until they are at least 15. But if you must, I say stick with the eyes (eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara) and add a nice ... Read More »

How much and what kind of makeup to wear?

In my personal opinion, a girl is old enough to start wearing makeup when she hits middle school. I will never recommend jumping into blue eyeshadow and orange lipstick, and my policy stays the sam... Read More »

What kind of eye makeup should I wear?

Well green eyeliner bring out the green in hazel eyes, but not like neon green, like an olive green. Since it is dark, it also has the same effect on eyelashes that black eyeliner does. Dark purpl... Read More »

What kind of makeup should i wear with a red dress?

something light and neutral for eyeshadow and mayb some red lipstick or a peach color would go nice ^_^