What kind of magnet should i buy for my treadmill?

Answer On One Hand: Generic Treadmill MagnetsAlthough there is no one magnet that will work for all treadmills, there are some generic treadmill magnets. It's important to find a replacement that is compa... Read More »

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What chemicals should I use to remove magnet - specifically an orange report monkey magnet?

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Where is the best and cheapest place to get a treadmill magnet key?

What kind of workout does a treadmill give?

Treadmills are devises that provide a variety of workouts. Aerobic exercise and strength training are two of the popular uses for a treadmill.FeaturesSome treadmills have only speed and incline fea... Read More »

What speed should I walk on a treadmill?

On One Hand: Let Your Body DecideThe proper walking speed on a treadmill should be determined by level of exertion. That will vary, depending on an individual's level of fitness, age and overall he... Read More »