What kind of magnet should i buy for my treadmill?

Answer On One Hand: Generic Treadmill MagnetsAlthough there is no one magnet that will work for all treadmills, there are some generic treadmill magnets. It's important to find a replacement that is compa... Read More »

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Where is the best and cheapest place to get a treadmill magnet key?

What kind of workout does a treadmill give?

Treadmills are devises that provide a variety of workouts. Aerobic exercise and strength training are two of the popular uses for a treadmill.FeaturesSome treadmills have only speed and incline fea... Read More »

What kind of public mischief could be caused by carrying a strong magnet in your pocket?

Better bring along an extra pair of pants. Otherwise with over 700 pounds of force, you'll be stuck to the first large piece of steel you get too close to.Don

What chemicals should I use to remove magnet - specifically an orange report monkey magnet?

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