What kind of loan can you get for an rv?

Answer Loans are available through traditional lenders for buying a new or used motorhome. RV loans are offered in terms up to 25 years, although eight to 15 is more common. Iinterest rates can vary signi... Read More »

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What Kind of SOL Is a Car Loan?

Your state maintains a statute of limitations that protects consumers from facing lawsuits over particularly old debts. The statute of limitations doesn't always prevent lawsuits, but it does provi... Read More »

What Kind of Loan Do I Use for Buying Raw Land?

Traditionally, banks balk at lending money for raw law. However, with good credit or equity in your current home, a variety of avenues exist for securing a loan when buying raw land. Options inclu... Read More »

What Kind of Risks Affect a Mortgage Loan?

When a lender issues a loan to a borrower, both parties take on a certain amount of risk. For the lender, the primary risk is that the borrower will default on his payment, causing the lender to lo... Read More »

What kind of car loan apr will a fico score of 687 get?

On One Hand: 9.4 Percent APRAccording to the Fair Isaac Corp., on a traditional fixed rate, 60-month auto loan, a person with a FICO score of 687 can expect an annual percent rate of 9.439 percent ... Read More »