What kind of loan can you get for an rv?

Answer Loans are available through traditional lenders for buying a new or used motorhome. RV loans are offered in terms up to 25 years, although eight to 15 is more common. Iinterest rates can vary signi... Read More »

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What Kind of SOL Is a Car Loan?

Your state maintains a statute of limitations that protects consumers from facing lawsuits over particularly old debts. The statute of limitations doesn't always prevent lawsuits, but it does provi... Read More »

What Kind of Loan Do I Use for Buying Raw Land?

Traditionally, banks balk at lending money for raw law. However, with good credit or equity in your current home, a variety of avenues exist for securing a loan when buying raw land. Options inclu... Read More »

What kind of car loan apr will a fico score of 687 get?

On One Hand: 9.4 Percent APRAccording to the Fair Isaac Corp., on a traditional fixed rate, 60-month auto loan, a person with a FICO score of 687 can expect an annual percent rate of 9.439 percent ... Read More »

What is the best kind of student loan for personal expenses?

Federal student loans are the best. PLUS, Perkins, Subsidized Stafford, and Unsubsidized Stafford are the best in that order because the interest rates and forgiveness terms are different. Don't ... Read More »