What kind of lithium ion battery pack would I need for a Kodak ZD8612 IS?

Answer You will notice that the Z8612 does not use Li-ion batteries.…In the future, your niece will want to be sure she buys a camera that uses them, but for now,... Read More »

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What kind of battery would i need to power a TV for one hour?

Get yourself a "rechargeable power center." The one I picked up contains two outlets for household appliances. I use it as a back-up power supple for my sump pump, but it will power any appliance... Read More »

Do you need to condition a lithium ion battery?

A lithium ion battery should be conditioned before its first use, as well as when the battery appears to take longer than usual to charge. It is recommended that you allow the battery to lose all i... Read More »

I need a camcorder that is under $150,and has a lithium battery?

WALMART………… Read More »

Would a Lithium battery stuck in your oesophagus for over a week harm you seriuosly?

Why were you eating a battery?We're all dying to know!In all honesty it would probably make its way down your oesophagus as pass through the digestive tract by the normal method. If you haven't pas... Read More »