What kind of lights can plant grow under?

Answer sun light is the best light for plant

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What kind of lights are grow lights?

Grow lights provide additional light to plants that do not receive adequate amounts of sunlight. They can also substitute for sunlight for many indoor plants. Grow lights are a necessity in many in... Read More »

Can you use plant grow lights for aquariums?

Plant grow lights exist for aquariums. Companies market them under different names to indicate they make aquarium plants grow better. The tank size, amount of plants and depth are considerations wh... Read More »

What kind of lights do tomato plants need to grow?

Tomato plants require strong, direct sunlight. If plenty of sunlight is unavailable, florescent grow lights should be used to supplement the available sunlight. The tomato seedlings should be place... Read More »

What fertilizer makes a plant that are the same kind grow faster?

Answer The H-E-B brand AnswerI am doing this for my science project and i think that fertilizers that have more acid will work better. Try using Miracle Grow Fertilezer, or Miracle Grow Plant foo... Read More »