What kind of lights are used in tanning beds?

Answer Tanning beds use UV lights to stimulate production of the pigment melanin in the skin, but UV exposure can be harmful and even dangerousFeaturesTanning beds use UV lights in order to stimulate the ... Read More »

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What Lotions Are Used for Tanning Beds?

When the summer months begin 80 percent of adults under the age of 25 believe that their skin looks better tanned. These same adults flock to the beach to soak up the summer rays to rid themselves ... Read More »

Stand Up Tanning Beds Vs. Lay Down Tanning Beds?

If you are looking for a thorough tan that covers your entire body, stand-up tanning beds are your answer. They can save you time, give you more accurate coverage, and ease your fears of confined ... Read More »

Are stand up tanning beds better than the lay down beds?

On One Hand: They Take Less TimeA stand-up tanning bed may require less time, usually 10 minutes of tanning compared to 20 minutes from a normal tanning bed. It may also be easier on people who are... Read More »

How Long Should You Wait Between Tanning in Tanning Beds?

Consistent tanning sessions are the key to developing a golden tan. To achieve your desired results you should consider three to five tanning sessions per week. By law each tanning session must b... Read More »