What kind of lifestyle would babies have if they had cleft palate?

Answer From my experience being a good aunt to a newborn is about being a good support to the parents. No sleep, a lot of pain and short fuzes will lead to a high stress environment for the parents and th... Read More »

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What percent my unborn baby to have cleft palate if i am a mother that have cleft palate?

What is the position after cleft palate surgery?

It is quite common for young children to complain of pain in legs especially after vigorous activity. Just some massage may solve the problem. Get the child examined once to make sure there is no p... Read More »

If one man gets both twins sisters pregnant would the two babies be full siblings Would they have same DNA?

I think so. Somewhere I read or heard...That if two sets of identical twins (female and male) paired up and had children, the children would (according to DNA) be siblings. Same difference, just us... Read More »

What kind of Flavored Mini Cigars like Swishers would they have at Qucikie in Quebec?

try going for a flavour you usually like in things. for example i love watermelon and vanilla. these are usually the first flavors i buy in anything new.