What kind of lens is used in an overhead projector?

Answer A Fresnel lens is used in overhead projectors. It is flat on one side, has grooves on the other side, and has the same thickness across the entire length of the lens.Source:Edmund Optics: Fresnel ... Read More »

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Who was the inventor of the overhead projector?

The overhead projector was originally created by Roger Appledorn in the 1960s while he was working for the 3M corporation. The projector was met with little initial success, but was later labeled t... Read More »

Who invented the overhead projector?

Suaing Chong, a native of China, invented an early version of the overhead projector for U.S. military training and police identification work. Roger Appledorn, an engineer with 3M, invented the mo... Read More »

How to Use an Overhead Projector in the Classroom?

Using an overhead projector in modern day classrooms may seem a bit antiquated. However, an overhead projector facilitates the display of an informative, clear and concise presentation. There is an... Read More »

Who invented the first overhead projector?

Roger Appledorn invented the overhead projector in the 1960s. Appledorn was working at 3M at the time of his invention. He and his colleagues demonstrated the machine to school administrators, and ... Read More »