What kind of lawyer do you need to fight a restraining order?

Answer The type of lawyer needed for fighting a restraining order depends on the type of case related to the restraining order: criminal or civil. If you have children and there is an issued restraining o... Read More »

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What kind of lawyer do you need for a restraining order?

Someone who needs to file a restraining order does not need a lawyer to do so. The person who wants a restraining order can fill out the necessary forms at a courthouse or online. Also, domestic vi... Read More »

What You Need for a Restraining Order?

Victims of abuse and harassment can request a restraining order--a legal document ordering someone to terminate certain actions or face legal consequences--shown to decrease abuse in over 80 percen... Read More »

What kind of lawyer do I need to make a will?

When an individual is ready to make a will, he needs to consult a probate attorney. These lawyers assist clients in establishing devisees (persons who will receive property set forth in a will). If... Read More »

What kind of undergraduate study do I need to be a lawyer?

There is no specific recommendation from the American Bar Association as to major area of study to best prepare a student for law school. Pacific University in California reports the top majors of ... Read More »