What kind of laptop do you recommend to me?

Answer Dell Inspiron 17201920 x 1200 resolution - great for photography workteef_au

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What kind of car do you recommend?

Buy a minivanYou can drive all of the kidsTo amusement parks

What kind of printer do you recommend?

For portability, cost, and quality, I do recommend a Canon Inkjet. Here's why. They are reliable.The ink is much cheaper than other brandsThey don't jam. If you do pictures, which you said that yo... Read More »

What kind of Drinks do you recommend?

you could get a punch bowl and fill it up with lemon-lime soda and add rainbow sherbet ice cream tastes like creamy carbonated hawaiian punch ..and if you really wanna spice it up ..add dried ... Read More »

Can you recommend a laptop?