What kind of laptop do you recommend to me?

Answer Dell Inspiron 17201920 x 1200 resolution - great for photography workteef_au

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What kind of car do you recommend?

Buy a minivanYou can drive all of the kidsTo amusement parks

What kind of Drinks do you recommend?

you could get a punch bowl and fill it up with lemon-lime soda and add rainbow sherbet ice cream tastes like creamy carbonated hawaiian punch ..and if you really wanna spice it up ..add dried ... Read More »

What kind of printer do you recommend?

For portability, cost, and quality, I do recommend a Canon Inkjet. Here's why. They are reliable.The ink is much cheaper than other brandsThey don't jam. If you do pictures, which you said that yo... Read More »

What type of laptop do you recommend?

I'm also about 18 and headed off to college this fall and have just bought my sixth laptop. For college, chances are that you would want Windows Vista. Although I personally prefer Windows XP, Vist... Read More »