What kind of job&salary can you expect with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry?

Answer A bachelor's degree in biochemistry provides an opportunity to pursue a career in a variety of fields. Whether you want to go into technological sciences, sales or management of chemistry, this deg... Read More »

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How much money can I expect to make with a bachelors degree in finance?

On One Hand: Higher Salaries for Investment BankersSome jobs in finance will give graduates an opportunity to make higher than average salaries. For example, graduates that go on to work in investm... Read More »

What kind of questions should I expect at California Pizza Kitchen?

I used to work at a restaurant, similar to CPK, but not a pizza restaurant. Some of the questions I got at my interview were about if I have ever dined there before, how would I handle a difficult... Read More »

What kind other kinds of magical super powers can I expect?

Wow, he is going to a chip off Superman's block. :)I think someone forgot to inform my kids of their super powers. 2 are 3 on Monday, 1 is 5 in February and they haven't quite mastered all the powe... Read More »

What kind of pregnancy complications should an insulin dependent diabetic expect?

Answer My cousin is an insulin dependent diabetic & she had a very rough pregnany & the baby was premature. He had to have a few surgeries after birth also. But now he is a healthy 16 month old bab... Read More »