What kind of jobs does the Army have?

Answer People join the Army for a variety of reasons, including signing bonuses and steady pay. Others join for the educational benefits. But recruits also enlist because the Army teaches skills that sold... Read More »

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Different Jobs in the Army?

Throughout the U.S. Army's history, men and women from all walks of life have been assigned jobs that for some turn into full-fledged careers. The Army has more than 150 listed jobs open to qualifi... Read More »

Jobs in the Territorial Army?

The Territorial Army is a volunteer unit of the British Army, consisting of around 35,000 members, or around 25 percent of the British Army's total manpower. Around 1,000 soldiers a year are deploy... Read More »

Army Chaplain Jobs?

In the Army, spiritual moral can be just as important as physical ability and job skills when it comes to executing missions safely and successfully. Chaplains provide support for soldiers who ofte... Read More »

Army Soldier Jobs?

In many parts of the world, the national army is a major employer in need of large numbers of men and women to maintain force levels. While nations may vary in how they structure and operate their ... Read More »