What kind of jobs do immigrants have?

Answer While immigrants hold jobs at all skill levels, economist Robert Brusca says that immigrants are likely to settle for lower-wage jobs. In certain areas of the United States, immigrants are relied u... Read More »

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What Type of Hard Labor Jobs Do Immigrants Do?

In the United States, particularly in California, New York, Texas and Arizona, much of the hard, unskilled labors jobs are done by first-generation immigrants, including legal and illegal immigrant... Read More »

What kind of jobs do RNs do?

Registered nursing jobs play a significant role in healthcare systems throughout the world. With over 2.6 million registered nurses, the importance of this profession is clear. Although 60 percent ... Read More »

What kind of jobs can you get at 14?

Employers are limited on the age of people they can hire and for what positions because of local, state and federal child labors laws which are designed to protect young employees and mandate the h... Read More »

What kind of jobs are available in NYC?

Everything is here in nyc. Do Wat u like to do.