What kind of jobs can teenagers get without using a cash register?

Answer Getting a job is a great way for a teen to learn about the working world as well as earn some extra cash. Many jobs are available for teens that don't require the usage of a cash register.Babysitti... Read More »

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Does Any One Know Any Jobs For Teenagers?

if you're over 16, try McDonalds or some other fast food chainIf not, theres always mowing lawns, paper routes, babysitting, extra chores, moving stuff for old people, etc.

Jobs for Teenagers Under 18?

If you are under 18 years old and need a job, whether seasonal or part time, you may encounter some closed doors. Some jobs are out of your reach for legal reasons; for example, you cannot serve al... Read More »

Government Jobs for Teenagers?

Teenagers in the United States have a number of opportunities for government employment. Local, state and federal governments all have positions that can be filled by teenage employees, with some r... Read More »

Jobs for Teenagers to Help Them to Become More Assertive?

For many teens, their first job is very exciting to start but anxiety-producing as well. Almost any employment helps teenagers feel more assertive. However, in some jobs, assertiveness is further d... Read More »