What kind of jobs are available with a biology background?

Answer Biology majors tend to get jobs working in a laboratory or field, such as at a hospital, aquarium or research firm, according to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. However, you should apply to any... Read More »

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What Are the Jobs for an M.A. in Biology?

People seeking a master's degree in biology choose between a Master of Arts and a Master of Science. According to Boise State University, M.A. programs typically don't require students to conduct o... Read More »

Top Paying Biology Jobs?

Biologists have a diverse range of career paths available to them, ranging from pharmacy technician to high school teacher to registered nurse. Most of the career paths for biologists that offer th... Read More »

List of Jobs in Biology?

Jobs in biology-related fields can be both personally and monetarily rewarding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that mean annual salaries in 2009 for careers requiring a biology background ... Read More »

10 Jobs You Could Have With a Degree in Biology?

Biologists study living organisms and their relationship to the environment. In addition to performing research, they develop new processes and products. Most biologists specialize in one area, suc... Read More »