What kind of job can you get if you dropped out of High School?

Answer the only jobs out there for no college is anything that is minimum wage like working in a store or fast food, but this jobs (if you are good at it) might lead to higher salaries later on (being pro... Read More »

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Can you join the military if you are a minor and have dropped out of high school?

Most, if not all, the branches require you to be a graduate or have a GED. As for the underage, you have to be emancipated or a parent/legal gardian must sign to authorize. I was one week shy of 18... Read More »

What kind of job could you get with out a high school diploma?

You could be a Fast food person. You could be a lemonade stand person. You could work for like a RV seller! Hell I dont know anything!!

What kind of lettering is on a high school diploma?

u have to buy it online or buy a card at a shop.u can also can use a code on a criffet

What Kind of Geometry Is Taught in High School?

Typical high school geometry curricula include parallel and perpendicular lines, angles, similar and congruent triangles, right triangles, circles and quadrilaterals. Many geometry courses also inc... Read More »