What kind of job can a psychology major get?

Answer A major in psychology which leads to either an associate's or bachelor's degree can lead to many different types of exciting and meaningful career opportunities. The types of jobs you will qualify ... Read More »

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What Kind of Classes Do You Have to Have to Major in Psychology?

Choosing to pursue a college degree in psychology is very exciting for many students. There are many different colleges that offer programs in psychology but each program chooses to highlight diffe... Read More »

What can I do with a psychology major?

A psychology major is an exciting course of study, with a focus on human behavior and development, social interaction and psychopathology. If you choose to major in psychology, many opportunities a... Read More »

Why Should I Choose Psychology as My Major?

Studying psychology offers one a good foundation for many other fields of expertise. A student acquires knowledge that can be applied to a variety of situations.Understanding Human NatureA degree ... Read More »

What are the major techniques of psychology?

The term "psychology" refers to a broad scientific field that includes the study of human cognitions, behavior and motivation. Countless techniques are used to conduct research, which will lead to ... Read More »