What kind of jack is needed to lift a house?

Answer A high lift jack--a specialized type of lifting jack--is needed to lift a house, according to Wise Geek. This jack operates with a pump handle and allows the user to raise the house enough to place... Read More »

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What kind of income is needed to buy a house?

If you have enough money stashed away to pay cash for a home, there is no income limitation because you've paid the money up front. However, most potential homeowners have to take out a mortgage in... Read More »

What kind of wire is needed to run a house alarm?

Many wires are needed to connect all of the parts of a house alarm system. In order to avoid buying a variety of wires for all of the parts, a 22 AWG wire in 4 conductor is a good all-purpose wire ... Read More »

What kind of credit score is needed to qualify for a house?

In order to qualify for a home loan, having a FICO score of at least 650 is ideal. The higher the credit score is, the better the interest rates will be on the mortgage. Qualifying scores can vary ... Read More »

How to Use a Hi-Lift Jack?

When driving off-road you never know what you are going to encounter. Being prepared for any situation will alleviate the need for an expensive backwoods rescue. A Hi-Lift jack is a multi-purpose t... Read More »