What kind of items cannot be sent in an iPhone MMS message?

Answer No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

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How do I delete all sent items on iPhone?

Go into your "Sent" folder of your iPhone email. Press "Edit" in the upper right corner. Tap all the messages that you want to delete, then press "Delete."Source:Apply iPhone: Organizing Email

Why won't my iPhone 4S sync due to error message this iPhone cannot be used because apple mobile device service is not started?

Your apple mobile device program on your computer has been disabled for some reason. Three solutions : Enable it on your computer again if you not confident enough to do that then (2) Unistall and ... Read More »

Can a location from maps be sent in an iPhone MMS message?

Yes. While in maps, press and hold on a location. It will drop a pin to that location. Then, tap on the pin, and again on the little blue arrow that pops up. On the bottom left of the screen, there... Read More »

How do you save a media message that is sent to you on the iPhone 4?