What kind of insurance is needed for Russia European or worldwide?

Answer Answer Yes, it can be included in the lease. It will only cost you less than $250/year depending on the amount of coverage and protects both your personal property and your liability. Plus, if t... Read More »

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Is Russia covered in European travel insurance?

It depends on the policy. They are all different and have different rules. Read the policy and discuss it with the agent before you buy. If anything is not clear, ask for a written explanation and ... Read More »

What kind of insurance is needed in construction?

The amount of coverage may vary from state to state. Commonly, a million dollar liability policy is needed. In most states, a construction company must be registered with the state and is granted a... Read More »

What kind of license is needed to write burial insurance?

In some states, a separate license may be required that specifically permits the holder to sell burial insurance. In others, all that may be required is a general insurance broker certification. Ch... Read More »

What kind of insurance is needed for a commercial cleaning business?

For your liability insurance there is a site you can visit at to get an online quote and check prices. Answer You will need a commercial General Liability and a commercial aut... Read More »