What kind of insurance do you need for ear piercing only?

Answer Answer medical ins

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What kind of piercing does Tom Kaulitz have?

He has his lip pierced... It looks the way it does because because he has a circular barbell in it instead of a CBR (captive bead ring) or a labret stud. You can get it pierced with either the la... Read More »

What kind of metal is used for a belly button ring piercing?

Surgical stainless steel is the most commonly used type of metal for a belly button ring piercing. This metal is approved by the American Society of Testing and Material, and rarely causes an infec... Read More »

How can you get some kind of insurance your husband is disable and he draws a SS disability checked and is a veteran but wife no insurance and can't get help she has health promblems?

Where can you get liability insurance on a tattoo and body piercing shop?

In UK AND IRELAND CONTACT INSURANCE WORLD IN NORTHAMPTON You obtain, public employers, contents building and treatment cover for Tattoo & Piercing studios in the UK from various sources. A license... Read More »