What kind of insurance do you need for a restaurant?

Answer Answer A restaurant Business Owners policy with good liability should do the trick. You'll also need workers comp, and for the owner, life insurance, Disability Insurance and eventually a good reti... Read More »

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What Kind of Insurance Does a Small Restaurant Need?

Insurance is required of any small business, including small restaurants, and will keep an owner in line with state law. Also, insurance provides coverage for both the restaurant and its employees... Read More »

What types of insurance do you need to deliver restaurant-prepared food to private residences?

The correct answer is that you need the following: 1. Owned commercial auto coverage (if you are using your own "restaurant owners" vehicle(s) to deliver your products). You need auto insurance on... Read More »

Why do you need liability insurance for a restaurant?

General Liability Insurance Protects the business from law suits stemming from:1.) Bodily InjuryA Patron gets hurts as a result of your negligence. The most common situations involve slip and fall,... Read More »

What kind of insurance do bakers need?

Obtaining insurance is not the most exciting part of setting up a business, but it may save you some heartache if you are properly covered. For those owning a small business such as a bakery, certa... Read More »