What kind of insurance benefits do teachers get?

Answer Though insurance benefits vary from school district to school district, the majority of teachers in the United States are covered by a PPO or HMO health insurance plan. Most plans offer single-pers... Read More »

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What is required to file secondary insurance the doctor bill or the primary insurance explanation of benefits?

Answer Good question, read the policy. It wouldn't hurt to send both.

What kind of environments do preschool teachers work in?

Teaching preschool can be very stressfull. The number of students depends of the state requirements. For 4 year olds it's usually 10 kids to 1 adult. Most classrooms have up to 20 kids with one ... Read More »

Teachers: what kind of reward/consequence system do you use in your classroom?

I'm working with younger children right now, but in the past I have worked with children up to age 12 in the classroom, and I have always found it highly effective to "catch the children being good... Read More »

Are both retirement benefits and Social Security Disability insurance benefits taxable?

SS retirement benefits ARE taxable - SS disability benefits MAY be taxable depending upon circumstances. See the Related Link below.