What kind of insurance benefits do teachers get?

Answer Though insurance benefits vary from school district to school district, the majority of teachers in the United States are covered by a PPO or HMO health insurance plan. Most plans offer single-pers... Read More »

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Can you collect both unemployment benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in California?

It depends on the school. For some schools, spring break's not even in March.

Are both retirement benefits and Social Security Disability insurance benefits taxable?

SS retirement benefits ARE taxable - SS disability benefits MAY be taxable depending upon circumstances. See the Related Link below.

Physical-Education Teachers' Salary & Benefits?

Physical-education teachers typically instruct students in the middle to high school level about physical fitness and health. However, they can also teach other age groups in public or private sett... Read More »

How to Find Unclaimed Benefits in the Teachers Retirement System?

Teachers receive retirement benefits which are the result of the teacher working for the public school system. These retirement benefits are maintained by the state in which the teacher works. If y... Read More »