What kind of insects are lady bugs?

Answer The ladybug, or ladybird beetle, is a type of beetle that, according to the San Diego Zoo website, is a highly respected insect. The official state insect of five U.S. states, the ladybug's diet ma... Read More »

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Are sow bugs beneficial insects?

Sow bugs are small land crustaceans that resemble pill bugs, and are typically found in moist areas. They are considered non-beneficial pests because of their tendency to eat the leaves on young, h... Read More »

Bad Garden Bugs & Insects?

The first step in treating any bad garden bug is to properly identify it. This will ensure that you purchase the correct treatment and can prevent the use unnecessary chemicals and insecticides. Wh... Read More »

Facts About Bugs & Insects?

Insects are very strange and complex creatures--one may even say alienlike. They are innumerable, diverse and always exciting. Insects have been around since prehistoric times and will probably be ... Read More »

Are bugs& insects the same thing?

Bugs are specific types of insects. Some characteristics unique to bugs are a mouth shaped like a straw and wings that are thick and colored where they attach to the body and thin toward the end.So... Read More »