What kind of insects are lady bugs?

Answer The ladybug, or ladybird beetle, is a type of beetle that, according to the San Diego Zoo website, is a highly respected insect. The official state insect of five U.S. states, the ladybug's diet ma... Read More »

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What attracts bugs&insects?

Insects are attracted by a number of chemicals and scents, as well as bright colors. Bugs can be positive for a thriving garden, but the same smells that attract good insects can also bring irritat... Read More »

What Types of Bugs or Insects Eat Flowers?

Some insects that prey on flowers prefer hot, dry conditions, while others like cold, wet conditions. But all are scavengers by nature and are attracted to unhealthy plant material, such as disease... Read More »

What little bugs / insects am I seeing in my yard?

I would have thought Thrips, but your description of the damage doesn't necessarily suit. These types of pest tend to be very seasonal. They'll likely die off in a few weeks when their enemies get... Read More »

What eats lady bugs?

The ladybug, also known as the ladybird (United Kingdom) or lady beetle, is a source of food for a variety of creatures. The stinkbug, dragonfly and assassin bug may occasionally eat a ladybug, but... Read More »