What kind of hunting dogs are endangered?

Answer African Painted Hunting Dogs, also known as African Wild Dogs or Cape Hunting Dogs, are the second-most-endangered carnivore on the African continent, according to Mt. View Conservation and Breedin... Read More »

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Why are African wild dogs endangered?

African wild dogs once roamed southern Africa in large numbers, but lately their population has been dwindling due to a number of preventable factors. The American Museum of Natural History estimat... Read More »

Types of Hunting Dogs?

Dogs make good companions for hunters, and many were bred specifically for this purpose. These dogs have keener senses of smell, tracking abilities and can lead hunters to prey. In addition, they f... Read More »

Hunting Squirrels With Dogs?

Hunting for squirrels is a sport performed best with a squirrel dog. A squirrel dog is specifically bred and trained for squirrel hunting. Hunting with a squirrel dog is beneficial because without ... Read More »

Controlling Hunting Dogs?

Hunting dogs can be hard for dog owners to control. When a scent hound, like a basset hound, blood hound or beagle, picks up a scent, they will do what they can to follow it. When a sight hunter, l... Read More »